Ruger American Rimfire Review

Ruger American Rimfire

Ruger American Rimfire

Ruger American Rimfire

Ruger has long been the maker of the single most popular .22 rifle on the planet – the Ruger 10/22. Since 1964, over 5 Million have been sold. It has been about 95% of new shooters first firearms purchase and a mainstay in just about every gun collection there is. The after market parts area is over flowing with every possible custom mod available from Laser Max sights to folding stocks and pistol grips, it is literally limited to the shooters imagination. 

This past year Ruger announce a new model .22, The American Rimfire. Earlier, Ruger released the American rifles in larger calibers such as .308 and .270, but now with a rimfire version they were taking aim at the .22 bolt action market dominated for the most part by Savage.

Ruger American Rimfire at the range.

Ruger American Rimfire at the range.

There are many features which set this apart from being just another bolt action .22LR. The American Rimfire features the Ruger Power Bedding® Integral Bedding Block System system which allows the barrel to free float improving accuracy.

Ruger American Rimfire Power Bedding

Ruger American Rimfire Power Bedding

Additionally, the bolt can be removed without having to pull the trigger adding a nice safety feature to the rifle.  The bolt is 60 degrees allowing ample clearance for a range of optics.

Ruger American Rimfire bolt

Ruger American Rimfire bolt

Another HUGE improvement over the 10/22 is the trigger. The trigger on the American Rimfire is Ruger’s take on a Savage Accutrigger. The pull comes in right around 3.5lbs from the factory but it is adjustable.

Ruger American Rimfire trigger

Ruger American Rimfire trigger

Another major win for the American Rimfire is the fact that is uses the same magazines from the 10/22 – including the BX25’s.

Build Quality

Although the American Rimfire has a synthetic stock, it feels very solid. Given that this rifle is built entirely in the USA is another big plus for something in this price range.


I have put over 1,000 rounds through it of various ammo from cheap bulk to CCI mini mags and it eats it all. Accuracy is insane and this thing is definitely a tack driver at the range.  The only issues I have had were the first time shooting I think it might have been over lubricated and the bolt would come all the way out when I cycled a round. After a thorough cleaning that has not happened since. The only other issues are due to fouled magazines and having the last round out of the mags fail to load.

Ruger American Rimfire Accuracy

20 rounds at 50 yards using bulk Remington thunderbolt ammo.

This rifle is an instant classic. Once the after market parts start to take off for this you will be sure to be seeing every form of tactical/threaded/suppressed mods being made.

I give this a full felt 10 out of 10

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